Integration with the Principia Analytic System

An integrated platform for product modeling,
risk management, operations and accounting
for GIC managers

The Principia Analytic System is a leading solution used by some of the world’s largest issuers of GIC’s (guaranteed investment contracts) and other structured finance products. It is a complete end-to-end platform for GIC management – from the bidding process to contract maturity for a wide variety of transactions.

Portfolio Management
  • Supports all the challenging deal structuring and modeling nuances of GIC instruments
  • Ability to control all aspects of contractual draws and deposits, lockout dates, restrict deposits, no sooner-no greater logic and minimum/maximum levels
  • Covering assets, liabilities and derivatives for interest rate hedging and collateral transactions

Cashflow and Exposure Analysis
  • Flexible risk framework to manage all associated market and credit risk as well as those unique to the GIC market
  • Deal capture, analytics and risk management including cashflow analysis and stress-testing
  • Maintain historical cashflow schedules to track and analyze projected draw/deposit schedules
  • Provide the extensive reporting capabilities necessary for investors, internal management and rating agencies

Operations and Administration
  • Maintains the historical perspectives and audit trails of the constantly changing contracts
  • Workflow functionality to allow the business to manage entire operational controls and GIC contract procedures
  • Fully compliant FAS91, FAS133 and IAS39 accounting solution

Support for highly structured GIC transactions
• Acquisition Funds
• Construction Funds
• Capitalized Interest Funds
• Debt Service Reserve Funds
• Float Funds
• Customized Structures