Integration with the Principia Analytic System

Principia Analytic System

The Principia Analytic System (PAS) is a dedicated, out-of-the-box solution for capital markets and fixed income participants.

The system consolidates and automates valuation, portfolio management, risk surveillance, compliance management and financial reporting across fixed income portfolios. Full lifecycle management of these assets, liabilities and derivatives is delivered on a single operational platform, increasing efficiency, transparency and control.

Portfolio managers, risk groups, and operations staff are able to focus on their core activities and make more confident investment decisions with a single dynamic view, and way to manage, credit and market risk across the capital markets business:

  • Independent valuations and risk assessments for vanilla and complex derivatives;
  • Independently evaluate every deal, monitor collateral performance & forecast cashflows;
  • Incorporate multi-curve, RFR curves, and OIS discounting into valuations and risk assessment;
  • Proactively monitor & reveal risks & stress test assumptions;
  • Automate fixed income reporting and maintain compliance with risk & investment guidelines;
  • Consolidate operations and implement controls across portfolios and business areas.

The system is available and proven both as an onsite implementation, or as a fully hosted, Software-as-a-Service platform over the web.

Additionally, Principia leverages the platform to provide a streamlined derivative portfolio valuation, risk reporting, and hedge accounting subscription service, pasVal. With pasVal, once deals are uploaded, users have access to daily calculations and reports which they can configure and download.

Fixed income and derivative portfolio

Know Your Investments

Master Due Diligence
  • Bring assets, liabilities and hedges together in one view to analyze across deals and portfolios
  • Unify performance data and cashflow from multiple sources
  • Evaluate third party valuations and apply forecasting to project future cashflows
  • 'Slice and dice' investments by any combination of collateral, deal or portfolio characteristics

Proactively Manage Risk
  • Query portfolio exposures (e.g. asset, geography, ratings) and performance exposures (e.g. 30 day delinquency, LTV etc) across deals, portfolios and business units
  • Stress yield curves (shocks and twists), OIS-Libor, and cross product basis shifts
  • Stress volatilities - LIBOR based or RFR / SOFR volatilities, models, and skews
  • Full suite of standard and customizable fixed income performance, portfolio and compliance reports
  • Reduce barriers to maintaining accurate and timely internal, investor and regulatory compliance e.g. EU CRD Due Diligence requirements (Article 122a) and US Market Risk Capital Rules

Streamlined Operations
  • Centrally manage all portfolios (on/off-balance sheet) for a complete view and total control
  • Operational backbone from portfolio management through risk control and into accounting
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and maintain audit control from front to back office
  • Establish rules based workflows to ensure operational compliance and efficiency
  • Address regulatory and internal due diligence requirements now and evolve with future operational credit analysis demands.

Consistently delivering market specific functionality, the Principia Analytic System sets the benchmark for capital markets. No other commercial or in-house system offers the same breadth of integrated functionality or product coverage. This includes market-ready valuations, accounting and operational reports and workflows for rapid implementation, as well as a fully customizable framework to create business specific workflows, reports and processes.