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Epsilon Technologies Group
Acquires Principia

New York, NY – January 26, 2024 – Epsilon Technologies Group today announced its acquisition of Principia Partners LLC, thereby adding the Principia Analytic System to its product line alongside ETS, a comprehensive and sophisticated trade management platform designed specifically for Federal Home Loan Banks, GSEs and regional banks.

“The innovative opportunities between ETS and Principia are exceptional, and we can leverage this to provide tremendous value to our clients in a truly short space of time. This acquisition can only deepen and broaden our ability to help our clients - we are incredibly pleased.” said Debashis Sen, co-founder and CEO of Epsilon.

Douglas Long, CEO of Principia agreed: “Principia is delighted to become a part of Epsilon and we look forward to contributing to all their efforts. Our clients will undoubtedly benefit from this transaction as we provide creative solutions backed by a stellar record of delivering services to our clients. The obvious synergy between our two teams and Epsilon’s state-of-the-art trading platform, ETS, will undoubtedly help us to thrive and grow.”

“We are getting so much more than a trusted, market-proven platform,” added Amol Kulkarni, co-founder and President of Epsilon. “It is a remarkable win-win for all parties.”

About Epsilon Technologies Group
Epsilon is a boutique solutions vendor dedicated to serving Federal Home Loan Banks, GSEs, and regional banks. Over the past fifteen years, they have implemented numerous capital markets banking solutions for these financial institutions in Trade Qualification, Trade Pricing, Trade Capture, Trade Management, Financial Risk, Financial Accounting, Business Process Design and Model Validation. Epsilon’s product offering, ETS, is a comprehensive and sophisticated trade management platform designed for the FHLBs from the ground up. And Principia Analytic System is a platform which unifies front-to-back functions for valuations, risk and accounting for derivatives and fixed-income portfolios.