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Press Releases

Nov-23 Principia Names Douglas Long CEO
Aug-20 Principia Announces Early Achievement of SOFR Readiness Targets
Jul-20 TPG to Provide Derivative Valuations via Principia’s pasVal Service
Mar-20 NY Fed Publishes SOFR Averages and SOFR Index
Mar-20 Update: SOFR Market Adoption
Feb-20 NY Fed to Publish SOFR Averages and SOFR Index
Dec-19 Coming Soon: SOFR Discounting on Interest Rate Swaps
Oct-19 FHFA Instructs FHLBanks to Begin Transitioning Away from LIBOR
Sep-19 Updates: SOFR Market Adoption
Sep-19 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Jun-19 Updates: SOFR Market Adoption
May-19 FASB ASU 2017-12 Deadline Draws Near
May-19 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Mar-19 Principia Now Offering a Comprehensive Solution for SOFR Derivatives
Mar-19 Updates: SOFR Market Adoption
Mar-19 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Dec-18 Updates: SOFR Market Adoption
Nov-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Nov-18 Principia Offers SOFR Impact Assessments with pasVal
Oct-18 FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update for New Benchmark
Oct-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Sep-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Sep-18 Complete Deal Capture and Valuations for SOFR Derivatives Now Available with pasVal
Aug-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Jul-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
May-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Apr-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Feb-18 Updated Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Feb-18 FASB Proposes Accounting Standards Update for New Benchmark
Nov-17 Watchlist: LIBOR Replacement
Aug-17 FASB Simplifies Derivatives Hedge Accounting
Feb-16 GASB 53 Reporting and Effectiveness Testing Made Easy with pasVal
Dec-15 Straightforward OIS Discounting Impact Assessment with pasVal
Oct-15 Principia Makes Complex Valuations More Accessible With pasVal
Jan-15 Principia Offers New Services for Easier DFAST Reporting
Sep-13 Survey Reveals the Heavy Burden ABS Investors Carry in Managing Cashflow and Waterfall Models
May-13 Blue Elephant Partners, LLC Licenses Principia for Credit Investment Portfolio and Risk Management
Apr-13 FHLB Pittsburgh Selects Principia to Enhance Derivative Valuations
Jan-13 ABS Investors Demand Increased Operational Control over Loan Level and Collateral Performance Data in Principia Survey
Jan-13 Principia Addresses US Market Risk Rule and ASF Guidance on Securitization Due Diligence
Dec-12 FHLB Topeka Further Strengthens Derivatives Analytics with Principia
Jun-12 ABS Pricing Survey Results Announced
Jan-12 Serone Capital Selects Principia SFP for its Credit Investment Business
Nov-11 Principia Releases OIS Discounting in Version 6.6 for Industry Standard Derivatives Valuations
May-11 Principia Launches ABS/MBS Investor Due Diligence Platform for CRD Article 122a Compliance

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